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m a a r c   s t u d i o

maarc studio is an architecture and design office based in Berlin, Germany. Founded by architect and designer Marcel Holmberg in 2009, our studio has over 15 years of experience working on diverse projects across Asia, Europe, and South America. Our team is passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs that enhance the way people interact with the built environment. We believe in constant innovation and exploration, and we strive to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing cutting-edge technology and design methodologies.


Berlin Holzbau Concept

June 2023

The design of a prototype building for Berlin, constructed primarily of wood / engineered timber. We focused on sustainability and minimal environmental impact, with natural materials and an energy efficient system.

The form follows the structural capabilities of wood while allowing for open, flexible spaces that could suit both residential and office uses. We aimed for an aesthetic that would showcase wood as a sophisticated, contemporary building material.


Berlin Neubau Concept

May 2023

Berlin Altbau Concept

May 2023

Concept lakehouse 

May 2023

Gangxia North Station opens to public

October 2022

Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant Shortlisted 

September 2022 

Saipan Villa proposal 

Villa proposal in the Island of Saipan, 
Northern Mariana Islands. 

Gangxia North Transport Hub design finished

Five subway lines intersect in this massive Transportation Hub located in Shenzhen. 

Xiamen Wu Yuan Wan South 

Competition proposal for a 300.000sqm mixed use Transport Oriented Development.

Changsha Xiang River Museum 

Proposal a museum in the newly developed area of Changsha.