Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant Competition Proposal 2022

The competition requested a concept for a restaurant that combines organic, indoor farming with a uniquely Icelandic aesthetic.

The design concept for our proposal revolves around integrating various functional elements within the natural landscape. Starting with the core structure and shape of a common pitched roof greenhouse, the design expands into a 2000 square meter ring element.

Its modular approach allows for an easy construction process and flexible program arrangement, maximizing viewing possibilities and daylight while the hovering disc minimizes excavation costs. The ring design is a simple shape that relates to the surrounding landscapes while providing a protected space.

The circular layout creates a central outdoor space ideal for gatherings around a fireplace, offering a unique setting for events. By pulling the facade up slightly we framed the key vista: the HVERFJALL volcano.

The design enhances the connection between built environment and its surroundings utilizing materials like charred wood for its durability and relation to the volcano’s aesthetics.

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