m a a r c   s t u d i o

maarc studio is an architecture and design office based in Berlin, Germany. The office, led by architect and designer Marcel Holmberg has existed since 2009. With extensive experience in Asia, Europe and South America, our studiohas been involved in many forms of design and art. Our passion for design moves us in search of new ways to experience our world and keeps us on our path to never ending improvement. 

Shenzhen Gangxia North Station opened to public

Construction finished and opened to public October 2022

Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant Shortlisted 

Restaurant proposal in Mývatn, Iceland 

Saipan Villa proposal 

Villa proposal in the Island of Saipan, 
Northern Mariana Islands. 

Gangxia North Transport Hub design finished

Five subway lines intersect in this massive Transportation Hub located in Shenzhen. 
Atrium Render

Xiamen Wu Yuan Wan South 

Competition proposal for a 300.000sqm mixed use Transport Oriented Development.

Changsha Xiang River Museum 

Proposal a museum in the newly developed area of Changsha.